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Starting at 12:00 am

Join us Sunday, March 3rd, at 4pm for a Tuscan-Influenced 4 course dinner with menu prepared by Chef Gaetano Arnone. You will be able to get a taste of his soon-to-open restaurant, Via Cassia in Hudson, NY.

The cocktail hour will be held in the barn so we advise dressing for the season!

If you're buying tickets separately from your friends, please be sure to let us know if you would like to sit near each other prior to the dinner.

After living in Italy for 3 years, Chef Gaetano Arnone has returned home to open his own restaurant, Via Cassia, in the city of Hudson, NY. A life spent searching for his Italian roots led him to an apprenticeship in Italy with the Tuscan butcher Dario Cecchini which in turn opened a door to New York City, where he worked his way into some of the best known Italian restaurants; Eataly, Babbo, and Otto. Six months into the pandemic he punched his ticket with a dual citizenship and he, his wife, and thier dog set off to Italy where he developed a unique culinary program for The Corsini family at Villa Le Corti. It was a wonderful 3 years off the beaten path in Tuscany which will be present at Via Cassia.

Via Cassia is the name of an ancient Roman road that ran from the center of Rome to the south of France. It still functions as regional road and ran through the village of San Casciano in Chianti Classico where Chef Gaetano called home during his time in Italy. The menu at Via Cassia will reflect the bounty surrounding the historic road including the grains and produce of central Italy, the wines, meats and olive oils of Tuscany, and seafood from the Ligurian Coastline and the Cote’d’Azur.

Via Cassia is located at 214 Warren St. in Hudson, NY and will open for lunch in mid March with dinner service beginning in late spring.

Pricing includes all beverages and gratuity

We cannot accommodate special dietary requests for this dinner.



per person